Are you a business looking to get some Nationwide exposure for low cost? Maybe you’re an aspiring writer and would just like to get your writing published?

ENM Magazine is accepting articles from Freelance writers who are willing to submit work for trade. (We currently do not have a budget for paid contributors) If you’re a business that caters to the ENM Community we can offer advertising for trade (for a limited time). If you’re not a business but just someone who wants to send in some freelance articles, we can offer a free copy of the issue your article is published in. (You will be responsible for shipping cost – domestic mail via priority mail is $7.50)

Your writing should meet the following criteria –

  • 1000-1500 words (If your article is larger please contact us)
  • Cover a topic of interest to the ENM Community (Sexuality, relationship, non-monogamy, kink/bdsm, LGBTQ where they interesect with ENM) Sorry we cannot publish articles that promote sex work at this time.

If you’re a business that caters to the ENM Community (club, relationship coach, educator, etc) you can submit the following graphics for Ads for trade or on a space available basis.

  • Quarter page column ad and blog ad – 400px wide x 530px tall
  • Full page full bleed (space available) 2625px by 3375px (please allow a 3/8 margin from the edge of the page for text elements)

Please fill out and submit this form to submit your article.

Freelance Writers Submission Form
Please indicate the name you wish for us to use as your byline
Please select the appropriate choice.
Please indicate your qualifications. If you have certifications please indicate them here. If you simply have years of experience in the field you're writing about please indicate here. Maximum of 150 words.

Your Article

Your article must be between 1000-1500 words and be on topic of interest to our ENM Community. Your article must be written in your own words. If you use information from another source, please cite your source, and your quote from any single source should be no more than 150 words in total. We prefer if your article is original and not published anywhere else. If it is published elsewhere please be sure to provide a canonical link.
Please indicate the title of your article
No indentations please, single space after periods, single space after paragraph. We will edit for grammar.
If this article appears anywhere else on the web, you must include a canonical link so that our sites are not penalized by search engines.