November is the issue we dedicate to honoring our masculine side. In a community and lifestyle where women are typically front and center… we love to take a month that is dedicated to honoring the guys behind these women… our November issue has long been one of the favorite issues… we’re looking to build on that.

Our Tattoo Article came out really nice… we want to do something similar with the men in our our community. Guys (or male presenting folx) We want YOU to submit up to Four images that depict YOU in what you think defines what a sexy/classy guy looks like. Ladies… your guys are going to need a LOT of encouragement… helps us create an issue that honors your guy… and all of the rest of the guys in our community.

Time is short!

ALL ENTRIES MUST BE IN NO LATER THAN MIDNIGHT OCTOBER 21ST. Our recommendation… make time to take some photos of your sexy man this week, and get your photos submitted before you forget… make a picture date out of it… you need some new sexy photos for that swingers profile anyway! Have fun with it… be creative!

We are not looking for Mr Perfect… everyone is sexy in their own way… and we love depicting our diverse community… your man is a part of that diversity… I guarantee! This article will be as beautifully diverse as our Tattoo article if we can get your participation.

Most all of our entries will be published, but our staff will review the photos, and we will collectively choose our favorite… that favorite will be crowned as our first annual Mr ENM 2020… We will be selecting the favorite based on image quality and attractiveness (which will of course be subjective for each staff member)

Please submit high resolution images that meet our image criteria. This one is all about the guy… so please refrain from sending in photos that have other people in them.

Help! I can’t seem to upload my photos!

You probably navigated to this page from a social media link. Facebook especially is notorious for keeping an active link when you navigate out of their platform and it blocks our media uploading software (Especially on Mobile). In order to use this form you will need to “open in chrome”. To do that, locate the settings menu (usually three vertical dots) in the upper right hand corner of your browser, and tap it and then select “open in chrome” or whatever you are using for your default browser. The page will reload in your default browser and the form should work fine. If you’re having trouble, please don’t hesitate to reach out for help using the contact form on this browser.

Entries have closed for the 2020 Men of ENM Article. Stay tuned for a new and better selection process coming up in 2021!


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