Why become a VIP Supporter?

Our VIP Patrons help support the work we do here at ENM Magazine. Through your pledges we are able to cover our costs, and provide our readers with a quality reading experience. As we grow, we will be able to provide even more and better content but we cannot do it without you!

What is the benefit of being a VIP Supporter?

Our Patreon VIP Supporters get loads of benefits including:

  • A complimentary exclusive deluxe printed copy of our magazine each month you continue to renew your pledge.
  • Fun swag and special offers from our sponsors.
  • Access to ALL of our blog content including our mature content as well as special content reserved exclusively for our VIP’s
  • 25% off in our Online bookstore for back issues of ENM Magazine as well as special ENM Merch and Frisky Friends Merch(coming soon)
  • Access to our upcoming monthly ENM Talk Podcast LIVE show exclusive for our Patreon supporters.
  • Entry for special drawings, and gifts from our sponsors.

How much does it cost?

A pledge of just $20 per month. You can cancel anytime.

What about this special 2021 Prize Drawing Giveaway?

We’re super excited to announce our 2021 Prize Drawing Giveaway sponsored by Clone-A-Willy and The Tremor and Frisky Friends. (We will be adding more sponsors as we can get more involved)
Starting January 1st and through 2021 we will be putting entries in for a quarterly drawing throughout 2021. Every Basic Supporter will receive one entry per month their pledge remains active, and our VIP’s will receive two entries per month their membership is active. We will hold drawings on March 2nd, June 2nd, Sept 2nd and then a Grand Prize Drawing on December 2nd. You must have an active and current pledge to eligible for each drawing. The longer you keep your membership active the greater your odds of being drawn.
We will be adding more sponsors as we can gather them. If you’re interested in sponsoring this drawing, please contact us!

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