Halloween is a special time of year for people of our community! We love getting creative and coming up with a fun and sexy costume, and then parading around parties of hundreds of other sexy people! It is truly a magical time.

We want to create an October issue that is chock full of Halloween goodness… we need you to help! We’re asking our readers to submit some fun sexy costume photos to help people get in the howling holiday spirit! Your photos can be current costumes, maybe you’re working on for your own Halloween celebrations, or maybe you have photos from previous years… all are allowed. We only ask if you’re going to submit a photographers work, that you have their permission for us to publish it. (Anyone who wants to submit Halloween or costume photos shot by Michael Love or Lovelines Photo has publish permissions here or anywhere else) Also… obtain permission of everyone depicted in the photo prior to submitting it image here.

Nudity is permitted in our magazine… but we do have some image content guidelines we must follow in order to create a space that is safe for the majority of our readers. So please avoid submitting photos that depict the following:

  • Except in editorial articles, we do not allow images that depict people under the age of 18 or that appear underage. Age play imagery will be considered on a case by case basis. We will not accept imagery that promotes the sexualization of children.
  • No rape scenes, whether simulated or real. There is a fine line between some negotiated BDSM scenes and sim-rape… while we don’t like to exclude anyone based on kink or fetishes… we do have to try to maintain a safe space for the majority of our audience.
  • Bodily fluids – No Blood, No Scat, No Urine or “watersports.” Male or female ejaculate only on a case by case basis.
  • No bestiality – This should go without saying… Furry role play is acceptable.
  • While sex scenes are ok, we do not publish images that depict “insertion” or any other kind of pornographic depiction.
  • We are bound by content agreements with our vendors, so we reserve the right to refuse to publish any image that we feel might jeopardize our agreements with them.

Please submit images that are high resolution. Most camera phones will create a suitable image as long as it hasn’t been run through a program that compresses them, such as Social media, gmail… all of these things reduce quality. Please submit the original image for optimum quality when possible.

Candid Photos are Accepted

You do not need to be a professional photographer or submit photos shot by a professional… in fact, in order to avoid copyright violations, we’d prefer you didn’t (except photos shot by Lovelines Photo, Lovelines clients have permission to publish their photos here or anywhere else) We do give preference to high quality images, but don’t let that discourage you from entering, we will do our best to make room for everyone!

You MUST submit your images BEFORE November 21st

Halloween is an odd holiday for magazine publication. It falls at the END of October, so no one has their costumes done in time to make our cutoff for our October issue, and in November Halloween is already over… and people are already thinking about the Holidays. So we’re going to compile your Halloween photos for publish in a Halloween article in our October 2021 issue…

Help! I can’t seem to upload my files!

You probably navigated to this page from a social media link. Facebook especially is notorious for keeping an active link when you navigate out of their platform and it blocks our media uploading software (Especially on Mobile). In order to use this form you will need to “open in chrome”. To do that, locate the settings menu (usually three vertical dots) in the upper right hand corner of your browser, and tap it and then select “open in chrome” or whatever you are using for your default browser. The page will reload in your default browser and the form should work fine. If you’re having trouble, please don’t hesitate to reach out for help using the contact form on this browser.

Creative Cosplay
If there is one thing we love, and we're really good at... its putting together a costume for a fun and sexy costume party, or Cosplay Con... We want to capture that creativity and help you show it off with an exciting Costume/Cosplay Reader Submitted pictorial! We will collect photos all year long and release our annual Costume pictorial in our October issue each year!
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 4 files.
Is this field not working for you? See above "Help? I can't seem to upload my files?" for a potential solution. -- Please submit up to four high resolution images. Max File size is 10mb. Our Admins staff will select their favorite photos for publication. Note- Emphasis is given on creativity and image quality. We accept and publish images of all genders, all sexual orientations, all ages over 18*, all sizes. Nudity is allowed and encouraged. We allow photos that depict sex acts but we do not allow images that depict actual penetration, rape scenes whether real or simulated, no bodily fluids (no blood, scat, urine or feces), no bestiality whether real or simulated, *PLEASE make sure everyone depicted in the images you submit are over 18 at the time the photo was taken and that you have their consent to submit this photo for publication. We do not allow photos of minors.
Please keep this limited to 250-300 words or less.

Legal Stuff

Please read this next section carefully. You must certify all of the following.
If your photos are taken by a professional, they may possibly own copyright on them. We are required as a professional courtesy to ensure we have their permission to print, and to also obtain image credit information to be displayed with the photos.

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