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Imagine you’re in the middle of a fetish scene. Somewhere, in the back of your mind you’re thinking “This would make an amazing work of art …” Here’s where JTGold comes in — not with his camera or even his video camera, but with his watercolors, ready to capture the moment for you in swift strokes and vivid colors — taking all the energy of your erotic scene and turning it into something artistic that can be treasured forever. 

Artist JTGold has been drawing since a young age. He tells me of living in Japan for three years as a young child and watching television over there. “They don’t have the nudity taboo that we have here in the States. So, for instance, if you watch anime where they don’t censor it, that’s what you’d get on broadcast TV over there. So you’d see nipples… when [in] transformation scenes.” So he started his artistic journey by drawing these characters, and was always fascinated by the human form.  

A computer programmer by trade, painting and drawing is his strong passion. In the past, JT has largely used pencils for sketching but recently switched to watercolor. Initially it was his wife’s idea; she gifted him with some watercolor classes and JT found “it’s the sketching of the painting world — you can do it quickly and have something nice come out” which worked well for him. Things move fast in the figure drawing sessions — initially it’s three minute poses, then five minutes. After getting that fast on the small stuff he wanted to stretch his wings and start doing meatier works such as fetish events.

When he attends an event, JT brings his binder of previous works so that people can get a feeling for what he’s done prior, “Not just stick figures,” he laughs. He’ll approach someone and basically say “Hey this is what I do — if you’re in a public scene can I draw you?” Afterwards, JT shows them what he’s produced and asks if it’s okay if he puts it on the internet? “Or is it something that we should hide away because it would be an invasion of your privacy?” Mostly people say yes — very infrequently do people say no.”

Examples of JTGold’s work you can see more and in higher resolution in our magazine layout.

“And I’ve been really enjoying the fetish work,” says JT. “The emotions, how the muscles move. It’s not placid, waiting for something to come about — it’s a mad rush to try and get something before it ends.” Of course, in order to draw a live scene you have to get to a certain level of skill, initially. “I had to do that with the short pose models, the five minute poses. And once I knew I was getting this and I wanted to challenge myself more and I thought I’d do the fetish stuff.” 

So what does it take to capture a living, breathing, moving scene as it’s unfolding before your eyes? “You have to find their default pose, as it were, and try and capture things as they happen. If an arm’s there long enough for you to paint it, you paint that … you Frankenstein it together. You catch each part of the body when it’s reasonably close to the rest of the painting but there is no one long moment when they’re exactly in that pose. That’s exciting and fun and I’ve found it’s really improved my posed work, because when it’s posed it feels like I have acres and ages of time and all those problem solving things I had to figure out with fetish painting makes posed work that much easier.”  Another thing that JT has found doing fetish scenes is that usually people who do watercolor art will sketch out their work first. “I do it directly,” he tells me, “there’s no sketch first, there’s just watercolor straight. So it’s really put a fine hone on my skills.”

Besides the fetish work, JT enjoys capturing the more sensual aspects of the human body and exploring what it may take to digest the personality of a person without the props or clothing. “It’s always challenging and you’re always pushing yourself to do better,” JT tells me. “If you stop seeing your own mistakes, you’ve peaked. Being an artist is always a journey in self- improvement.”

“I’ve really got my tools down now,” he tells me, “Like water brush pens. You can load them up with water so that you can blend easily — once you put down a little bit of color you can blend it out. I’ve found some archival quality liquid watercolor ink and bought a whole library of water brush pens and loaded them up with primary and secondary colors and then one that I primarily load up with the model’s skin tone.  I load up the brush with that so that when I see them I don’t have to be mixing constantly while painting.”

After a stint with acrylics briefly in the past, JT thinks he’ll be sticking with watercolor for now where the results are almost instant. However there is one technique JT favors in his pencil sketches more than in his watercolors and that is something called “chromostereopsis”. According to Wikipedia, “chromostereopsis is a visual illusion whereby the impression of depth is conveyed in two-dimensional color images, usually of red-blue or red-green colors, but can also be perceived with red-grey or blue-grey images.”

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Or, in layman’s terms, it’s where red appears closer and blue appears further away. He uses this in the cases where the model is foreshortened using it as a technique to make it jump, to try and represent the three dimensional image in a two dimensional piece of artwork.

While it’s not something that JT made up himself, it actually is something he arrived at on his own through investigation with thick leaded mechanical pencils. “Some light experimentation told me I couldn’t manipulate two drawing instruments at a time So instead I use it more like a topological map.” (You can find more examples of JT’s work with Chromostereopsis by heading over to his website.)

Right now JT’s dream project would be to do a long pose of a person, amidst their stuff and bring back some of the personality that’s lost from the absence of clothes. 

Well, whatever it is — a fetish scene, a longer pose, or a chromostereopsis image, we look forward to seeing more of artist JTGold’s unique and erotic work! Thanks, JT, for taking a moment to allow us to step into your world.

JTGold’s images are too NSFW for our blog layout but if you check out our online magazine layout, you can see his work in higher resolution, and he will give you a personal tour, telling you the story behind each piece. Click here to visit our online magazine featuring JTGold.

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