Our magazine is all about the people of our ethically non-monogamous lifestyle. We love portraying how incredibly “normal” and every day our poly friends and swinger friends are. You may be able to help us with that… and have some fun in the process.

Few people will have an opportunity to be featured in a magazine… even fewer CAN be featured in a magazine about Ethical Non-Monogamy that is publicly published and open to being read by anyone. If you are “out” to your family and friends… and not concerned about privacy concerns in regard to your non-monogamous status and stories, we would LOVE to talk to you and feature YOU as one of our Temptations.

Being a Temptation for ENM Magazine is more than just being a pretty face. It is about being an advocate of ENM, and being someone who is an example of what being Ethical in your non-monogamy, and your principles…

The Process…

To be considered as a Temptation of the Month we need you to fill out an application. Please treat this as any other application… whether or not you will be chosen will largely depend on your responses to key questions. We give priority to those we think are the best examples of what we consider ambassadors of ENM.

When you are approved, we will reach out to you to schedule an interview and possibly a photo session. We will likely also ask you for candid photos to add to your article.

We will also ask you to sign an online release… this release gives us permission to publish images of you, as well as your story. This is a requisite part of the process that you must complete in order to be considered as a Temptation.

One of our best writers will reach out to you for an interview… they will chat with you for about an hour… and will expertly craft your stories into one cohesive story… once they have written your story we will give you an opportunity to review it and make any corrections before it is then sent to an editor… and then on to layout.

Once your article is published, and that issue printed… we will send you a complimentary copy of the magazine. If you want additional copies you will need to get them at cost during the pre-order window. Under agreement with our photographers we will also ensure that you get digital copies of all photos that are edited for publish. (they may offer to sell you additional photo downloads or higher resolution images at cost)

The fine print….
As a magazine that is produced as a philanthropic endeavor… we do not have a budget to pay models or photographers. We are grateful to those who help us produce this magazine, and we’re happy to offer you a complimentary copy of the magazine thanks to what little advertising revenue we’re able to pull in… those who are the happiest with their experience in being featured in the magazine are doing it for the sake of being a part of this endeavor, and for the experience itself.

Temptation of the Month Application Form
Thank you for your considering being one of our Temptations and for taking the time to fill out this application so that we may get to know you better. It will truly be an honor to work with you and feature you as a shining example of what Ethical Non-Monogamy is all about. The information you are providing us is used only within our organization and is only used by our editing staff and photographers to establish who you are and make a selection process, and to provide contact information only to those who may need to contact you to schedule your interview or set up a photography session. Your private information is not shared or sold to anyone for any reason other then mentioned above.
Please select the options you are interested in being considered for. You may check more than one.
If you don't already have a stage name you will want one. Google is too efficient. You don't want these photos coming up on a google search of your birth name.
Check any that apply... you may select more than one

Physical Attributes

We are a sex positive and body positive publication. We love to feature diversity in race, gender, sexuality and body type. That said, we tend to type cast for certain articles, and situations, and prefer to have an idea of your physical presentation. We also may need to help with costume or props, so it helps us to know what you look like.
Prior modeling experience is not a requirement
While we are body positive and sex positive, physical appearance is still a small part of our decision. That and we like to see who we are working with
We embrace body positivity and diversity! We do not choose models based on body type, but we do want to see acceptance and presence. Not everyone has the camera presence to be photographed for a Temptation shoot... but it is good for all of us to know what we're going into ahead of time.
We ask this question for a couple of reasons... one we're looking for what parts of your body we will need to be concerned with when we're shooting. Its good for us to know this ahead of time. Two - We're looking to see what your acceptance level is, if you're overly critical of your body, this may not be a good situation for you to be in.
We want to know what part of your body you have the most confidence in. It will give us a place to focus on, to help get you going.
In the day and age of colored contacts, you never really know. Sometimes we get into post processing, and can't recall if you have blue or green eyes...and lighting can make it tricky to determine. Getting this question answered early has saved ourselves a lot of trouble in post processing more than once.
You may select more than one option
This is your opportunity to really impress us. We put a LOT of weight into consideration in this part of the application. Please take a moment to tell us a bit about you, your story, a funny anecdote, what makes you unique, how do you think you might inspire our readers, and reach our fan base.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
ALL PDXScene Magazine models are required to be over the age of 21 at the time of your shoot. As such we are required to check your ID as a part of the clearing process as required by federal law. For your personal security you may obscure all items on your photo ID ***EXCEPT*** your photo, your full name, your date of birth, your ID number and the expiration date.
We want our Temptations to be shining examples of positive role models in Ethical Non-Monogamy. As such we cannot work with anyone who is a registered sex offender or who has ever been convicted of sexual crimes or sex with a minor. We also cannot work with anyone who has been convicted of a violent crime within the last 15 years.
by entering your legal name above you certify all of the information you have provided on this form. You agree that this online signature serves as certification of this application.