Thanks to Covid chaos, we’re a bit late, but due to high demand, we are working on putting together our second annual body art issue… and we want YOU to be a part of it.
If you’ve got some sweet Tattoo work, or some body art or modifications… this is your opportunity to show it off! We’re looking for a few people to feature in our Body Art expose’ we will share a few of your photos, and for some of you, a bit about what your art means to you.
Here’s how the process works…

Fill out the Application

Between now and August 21st, you will need to fill out this form… and submit your comments, and photos of your art for review. Please treat this form like an application. Our editors will be reviewing them for approval… and their decisions will be based on quality of art, quality of photography, and also based on your “story.”
You do not need to hire a professional photographer. In fact, for ease of chasing down copyright permissions etc… we prefer you don’t use professional work (unless of course you happen to BE a professional photographer) in most cases a decent cell phone shot is adequate, selfies are ok, but maybe consider getting a friend to come over and play “photographer” for you…
This is open to men as well as women, couples are encouraged… nudity is not only allowed but encouraged as well. We allow full frontal nudity both male and female. You should avoid submitting images that meet the depict the following:

  • Except in editorial articles, we do not allow images that depict people under the age of 18 or that appear underage. This includes “barely legal” and people who “pass for underage.”
  • No rape scenes, whether simulated or real. There is a fine line between some BDSM scenes and sim-rape… while we don’t like to exclude anyone based on kink or fetishes… we do have to try to maintain a safe space for everyone.
  • Bodily fluids – Male or female ejaculate is acceptable, but no blood, no urine, no scat… we won’t get into the argument if squirting is urine or not… but there is a distinction between squirting vs pissing on someone… we will accept squirting, we do not accept “watersports” photos.
  • No bestiality – This should go without saying… Furry role play is acceptable.
  • While sex scenes are ok, we do not publish images that depict “insertion” of any kind.

Please submit images that are high resolution. Most camera phones will create a suitable image as long as it hasn’t been run through a processor such as Social media, gmail… all of these things reduce quality. Please submit the original image for optimum quality.
Creative posing and cropping is acceptable for anonymity, we prefer you NOT use stickers or other means of hiding your face especially those that reduce the image quality.

Pre-Publication Notifications

As we receive applications our editors will review them for quality and to determine if they meet our criteria. If you’re image is approved we will contact you to let you know which month the article will be published and offer you an opportunity to purchase a copy of the magazine at a special discount rate.


We publish the digital magazine first, at the beginning of the month. Then over the course of the month, we dole out the articles in our work safe blog with links to the online magazine. Magazine pre-orders close around mid-month and the magazine goes to print. It takes about a week from this point for printing, packaging and shipping. You will receive a tracking number for your order once the label is created.

It Starts Here!

Simply fill out the application below.

Body Art Feature Submission Form
Thank you for your interest in being featured in our Body Art Feature article. We're excited to feature you with your beautiful tattoo's and modifications in our magazine... please take a moment to fill out this form so we can ensure a seamless process. You will need to provide a high resolution photo (modern cell phone photos are ok as long as they are not blurry) so you may want to take a moment to get these things together before starting. Ours is a glamour magazine, so we encourage you to be creative and submit shots that are intentional and beautiful... we encourage you getting a friend or partner to help to get the shot, it can be fun foreplay too! We will feature more creative and fun photos more prominently so... dig deep into your creative juices and have fun with this! Entry for Tattoo submissions closes on August 21st so don't delay.. get your entries in right away.
You may list ONE swinger profile (ie SLS, Kasidie, Quiver, SAFSocial, SDC, etc) to be included with your image. (We will not list private sites or monetization sites like Patreon, OnlyFans or Pornhub) We cannot list profiles with images that are part of a collage, but if your image is one of our "Featured Images" in the article we will list your swinger site profile link in addition to your quote (below)
This is your opportunity to talk about your body art. Two things will make your images more likely to be "featured".. quality of image, AND what you have to say about your art. Take a moment and tell us a bit about your art and what it is to you. Only art that is "Featured" will have the quote published with it. Please keep this limited to 250-300 words or less.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 3 files.
Please submit up to three high resolution images. Max File size is 10mb. Nudity is allowed and encouraged. We allow photos that depict sex acts but we do not allow images that depict actual penetration, rape scenes whether real or simulated, no bodily fluids (no blood, scat, urine or feces), no bestiality whether real or simulated, no photos that depict people who appear to be a minor.
*We reserve the right to request age verification documentation. You must acknowledge all certifications in order to be eligible.

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