If you are taking an assignment as a fill in model, or are awarded a casting call for LoveTribeMedia/ENM Magazine, or if you are aware there are images of you that are being sent to us for an article for publication, please take a moment to fill out this form.
We are required to have your permission to publish, and we must have a copy of your photo Identification in order to proceed.

PhotoID Instructions

Due to the nature of this publication, we are required by law to maintain age verification documents on people depicted in images that are sexually explicit. The law is vague and subject to interpretation on what exactly constitutes “sexually explicit” so we maintiain ID documentation on everyone. In the interest of Identity safety, we allow you to block out all but the information we need that is vital for legal age verification purposes. You may use a Dry Erase marker, or tape to block out your address and any other information except your Identification number, your full name, your date of birth, the expiration date of your ID, and your ID photo. (see photo) You may scan your ID, or just send us a cell phone snapshot of it, just be sure the image is clear and legible.

Standard Model Release
If you do not provide us with a stage name we will use your first name only.
This is optional. Depending on your contribution, you may be eligible for a complimentary copy of the magazine. We will let you know if you're eligble for a complimentary copy and we will give you an opportunity to order additional copies at a discount.
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If we are using images of you that depict nudity, under federal law we must have age verification documents on file. Please attach a photo of your government issued Photo Identification. It can be a State ID, Drivers License, or Passport. It must show your photo, Full Legal Name, Date of Birth and ID Number. All other information can be blocked out for identity security. Due to the nature of this magazine, we are required by federal law Title 18 section 2257 to document that we have verified you to be of legal age by maintaining on file a photo copy of your Age verification documents to make available for inspection at any time.
Please type in your full legal name - by signing this document you certify it is true and correct, and that you are entering into this agreement and agree to its terms in perpetuity.