September 2020 is a month of transition for us here at ENM Magazine. Working to streamline some of our processes, while at the same time offering a better experience for our readers and grow our audience at the same time.

Starting Sept 1, all of our online magazines are available exclusively on Kindle. If you have Kindle Unlimited you have access to ALL of our issues under the ENM Magazine label for FREE!. Kindle Unlimited is super cool because for just $9.99 USD, you get access to millions of titles (including ours) for free to read at your hearts content. So you can help support us, and millions of other authors, and get access to some really great reading material! If you prefer to just access our magazines as you like, or if you prefer to own your copy, you can buy them at $2.99 each. We’ve made this move to access the readership of millions of Kindle readers, but also to make our mature content less accessible to underage viewers. Our self hosted (free to view) magazine is no longer available. Of course you will still be able to buy ENM Magazine in deluxe limited edition print copies by pre-ordering from our online store.

We’re also launching our Patreon community! Starting back in August, all of our content is now available on Patreon for our Patron supporters. Mature content is available for our higher tier supporters, and we are going to be offering up some extra benefits for our Patreon supporters as well including Patreon exclusive podcast episodes and livestreams. It’s a great opportunity to support this effort, and also to get involved in helping make this magazine a great resource for our ENM Community!

In the effort to go all in on our ENM Magazine label, we’ve removed our PDXScene Magazine issues from online circulation… we have a few printed copies left, but when they are gone, they are gone… we will be revisiting some of the content we have published in the old magazines, but for the most part we’re letting go of that entity entirely. We’re super excited to go back and re-visit with some of our previous Temptations… we will share some old and new photos, but also catch up on how they have evolved over the last couple of years… and update their stories… Temptation articles are as much or more about the people than it is about sexy photos… we’re excited to bring them back…

Temptation of the Month – Sébastien and Jezebelle Sage

Speaking of bringing back Temptations…. our first re-visited Temptation is already on deck… back in February of 2018 we featured our lovely miss Jezebelle Sage… her life has changed a lot since then and she is excited to introduce you to her new lady love, Sébastien! They are a lovely couple, and we really love how Jezebelle speaks of her ENM thinking while engaged in her new, monogamous relationship… we love how it demonstrates how people can move in and out of monogamy in presence, but how it still resonates with you. We will be publishing this article in full on Patreon later this month, including some Patron only extras not published in the magazine… but if you’d like to read the article now, you can go read it in our Kindle version of the September issue.

Group Therapy – Now You’re Speaking My Language

This month Nolan Lawless talks about how we all have different needs and ways that make us feel loved and valued in our relationships and how not recognizing them can make us struggle to feel connected and valued. Check out Now You’re Speaking My Language in the September issue of ENM Magazine.

Dear Kitty – Finding My Voice

Kitty responds to a reader who is struggling to feel her strength and confidence when she speaks up in a group of people about topics she feels passionate about. She’s able to use her voice and speak up, but then feels guilt and shame in having an opinion about a topic. Kitty helps her sort through some of these feelings to help her get to a better sense of self. You can find this in our September issue of ENM Magazine.

For the Love of Food – Baba Ganoush

Ellie Love explores a new recipe and springs it on her Love Tribe… she shares a little of that experience AND her recipe in this months issue of ENM Magazine on Kindle.

Artist Spotlight Series – Mark Spencer

Karen Tortora-Lee introduces us to Mark Spencer from Edington Spencer photography. He is a third generation photographer operating his family business that started in Topeka, Kansas. Mark currently resides with his wife in New Mexico, and together they explore the ENM lifestyle while also providing beautiful and sexy photography services for people of our ENM Community. His article contains images that are not suitable for our Blog, but you can find them in our online magazine on Kindle! We will also, later this month, be featuring this article in full on our Patreon page along with all of the photos from this article.

10 Yoga Poses – True to Life Erotica with Lola Down

Something that up until now has not gotten a lot of play on our ENM Magazine blog… and we don’t talk about it alot. We have a couple of writers who submit Erotica for our readers pleasure. Hermann Humbert, writer for and husband to beautiful hotwife Lola Down has been contributing stories about Lola’s exploits with us for months… this one may be the hottest one yet!!! You can read this story in its entirety right now in our September issue of ENM Magazine on Kindle, or we will publish it as a Patreon exclusive later this month.


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