Formerly our Temptation of the Month our Real People of ENM article will feature people from our ENM community as our shining examples of the kind of people who engage in Non-monogamy ethically.

Through our “Real People of ENM” article we will feature YOU as our headline article. We will collect some photos of you, shoot some professionally where possible, and our writer will interview you, and craft a beautiful article that is all about your journey.

Please fill out the form below to get your process started. We will contact you and let you know what your next steps are.

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If you don't already have a stage name you will want one. Google is too efficient. You don't want these photos coming up on a google search of your birth name.
Please select the appropriate option. If you're applying on behalf of a couple or polycule, please ensure that everyone is on board before applying.

Physical Attributes

We are a sex positive and body positive publication. We love to feature diversity in race, gender, sexuality and body type. That said, we tend to type cast for certain articles, and situations, and prefer to have an idea of your physical presentation. We also may need to help with costume or props, so it helps us to know what you look like.
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This is your opportunity to really impress us. We put a LOT of weight into consideration in this part of the application. Please take a moment to tell us a bit about you, your story, a funny anecdote, what makes you unique, how do you think you might inspire our readers, and reach our fan base.
We will have each participant fill out a Talent form, including providing proof of age, and signing a publication release prior to any photos being taken by our pros, and/or before any article is published. This is a requirement under Title 18 Section 2257 of federal law.
We want our Temptations to be shining examples of positive role models in Ethical Non-Monogamy. As such we cannot work with anyone who is a registered sex offender or who has ever been convicted of sexual crimes or sex with a minor. We also cannot work with anyone who has been convicted of a violent crime within the last 15 years.
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