Our magazine has always been about featuring people from our communities. Up until this month, we’ve always featured our Temptation of the Month as our shining examples of the kind of people who engage in Non-monogamy ethically.

Unfortunately in the days of Covid-19, we are unable to get out and shoot with people without putting ourselves and them at unnecessary risk. So we’re kicking off a new column to replace the Temptation Article… we’re calling it, “Real People of ENM”

Through our “Real People of ENM” article we will feature YOU… you send us a few of your favorite photos, and your “story” and we will publish it in an upcoming article!

What should you include in your “story?” Keep in mind you’ve only got about 400-500 words, so keep it as brief as possible. But you can tell us what you love most about ENM, How you ENM (swinger? Poly?) You can tell us how you started in ENM, or how it has changed your life. The sooner you submit this information the sooner we can get you scheduled for a future issue!

The application process has two steps.

  1. Fill out the Application below, it includes your story (I recommend pre-writing it, and copy/paste it into this form) You will also submit up to 5 high resolution images. You must submit all of this information at once, so I recommend having it all gathered up before you start.
  2. Fill out a Model/Publication release for each person in your pod that will be depicted in your story.

We will let you know if your application is approved and when you can expect your photos and story to be published.

Real People of Ethical Non-Monogamy Application
Use this form to apply and submit your information for one of our "Real People of Ethical Non-Monogamy" pages. If we approve your application we will publish your photos and your story in an upcoming issue of ENM Magazine .
Please submit the dynamic for which you are submitting for. Please note that we will need proof of ID for each person you are submitting for.
All applicants must be over the age of 18
If you want to provide us with your online profiles to Swinger/Poly sites and social media we can provide your username so people can find you and follow you. Please list each site/username on a separate line.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 5 files.
Images MUST be high resolution. We cannot print low resolution images. These need not be professionally shot photos, candids from your cell phone, are adequate. If you are submitting professionally shot images please include the photographers contact information so we can obtain publication permission. Images may include nudity as long as they follow our image criteria: No minors, no bodily fluids (blood, scat, urine) No shots that depict penetration, No shots that depict rape whether real or simulated. No bestiality. We will choose the images best suited for publication.
Please enter your full legal name