As we emerge from winter, Spring is the time of Re-birth. There may be no time where we feel that energy of renewal more than 2021 as we start to emerge from our Covid Winter hibernation!

Spring offers so many opportunities for photos, we’re going to let you interpret what spring means to you… whether you’re singing in the rain, or tiptoeing through the tulips, naked gardening, or celebrating Beltane… all of these would be appropriate under this theme… YOU get to be creative and figure out what you’re vibin…

All entries due no later than April 21

Our recommendation… make time to get together with someone fun and play model and photographer… maybe your fun sexy photo session will end in some hot a steamy role play sex!

Our magazine is sex positive so men are equally as encouraged to participate as the ladies are. NB’s and our Trans friends are encouraged as well! We’re body positive also… so we love depicting people of all ages, all body types… we’re looking for classy, sexy, beautiful photos of you! Partners are welcome too… just make sure you have their permission before you submit for this publication.

Please submit high resolution images that meet our image criteria. In most cases cell phone photos will work as long as they’ve not been processed by uploading to social media, cropped or otherwise edited. Photos that are outside of our rules will be rejected. All submitted images are subject to editorial approval. We do our best to include all photos but all are accepted on a space available basis.

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Is this field not working for you? See above "Help? I can't seem to upload my files?" for a potential solution. -- Please submit up to four high resolution images. Max File size is 10mb. Our Admins staff will select their favorite photos for publication. Note- Emphasis is given on creativity and image quality. We accept and publish images of all genders, all sexual orientations, all ages over 18*, all sizes. Nudity is allowed and encouraged. We allow photos that depict sex acts but we do not allow images that depict actual penetration, rape scenes whether real or simulated, no bodily fluids (no blood, scat, urine or feces), no bestiality whether real or simulated, *PLEASE make sure everyone depicted in the images you submit are over 18 at the time the photo was taken and that you have their consent to submit this photo for publication. We do not allow photos of minors.
In 400 words or less tell us about your sexy summer photos!

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