Our magazine has always been all about the PEOPLE of our community. That’s where YOU come in! Find out how you can get involved by applying to be one of our Real People of ENM, or being featured in our Artist Spotlight, or by getting involved in our Reader Submission Articles and Pictorials below! 

Real People of ENM

Formerly our Temptation of the Month article…Our magazine has always been about the people of the ENM communities. It has always fascinated us how incredibly “normal” people in our circles are… people from everyday walks of life practice ENM. 

Many of us are out and open… we want to share YOUR story. Find out how you can get involved by becoming one of our Real People of ENM features!

Artist Spotlight

One of the most excited parts of our magazine is a column we call the Artist Spotlight Series. We love to find Artists that feature people from our ENM Community to provide us with visual art of the kinds of activities we crave. If you are an artist and would like to be considered for an Artist Spotlight Series article, please click the button below to apply

Dear Kitty

Are you on the struggle bus when it comes to dealing with some kind of hardship in your Ethical Non-Monogamy, or in your relationships? Perhaps you’re struggling with jealousy, insecurity or self image? Kitty Chambliss is here to help! Write to Kitty, in our Dear Kitty column and she will reach out to you with some resources or opportunities or help. She may even respond to your Dear Kitty letter in a future issue of ENM Magazine! 

ENM Talk Podcast

Let’s talk about everything related to ENM (Ethical Non-Monogamy)! From Swinging to Polyamory, current events, and lifestyle tips Michael and Ellie and their Love Tribe will talk about it all!We will regularly discuss articles and features from our magazine publication, ENM Magazine, personal interviews with real people who are in the ENM Lifestyle and more.
Want to be featured on our show? Hit the button below for more info!

Reader Submitted Pictorial Opportunities

As a magazine that is ALL about the people of our community, we LOVE the energy you all bring to the Reader Submitted Pictorial Articles! This is our lineup for 2021… be sure to look ahead to see what you can shoot for and get your sexy photos in the mix! Perhaps the most cool part of our Reader Submitted Pictorial articles is that, in a world where many of us have to move in secret… YOU are in control of camera angles, and what is shown so you can keep your face hidden if you like. 
Our Reader Submitted Pictorial contributors get copies of the magazine at half price. Each theme has different rules and topics, so be sure to check out the details of each opportunity!  

Entries Due by January 21

Show us some sexy Valentines love…

Entries Due by April 21

Singing in the rain, or tiptoeing through the tulips… share a sexy spring photo!

Nominations Due by June 1

Nominate that sexy man in your life to be crowned MR ENM in our November issue!

Entries Due by June 21

Show off that sexy ink and body modifications!

What is your favorite way of cooling off on a hot summer day?

Entries Due by September 21

We LOVE to dress up and be creative! Here’s your chance to share some of your favorite sexy Cosplay Photos

Entries Due by November 21

Our Annual Holiday Reader Submitted Pictorial… we want YOU for Christmas this year!