We are super excited to have you on our show. Most people are a little nervous leading up to their podcast interview so we’ve put this together to help you be as prepared as possible.
First… Relax! We’re going to be talking about the person you are most knowledgeable about…. YOU! Our “interviews” are really more “conversations” and we like to keep a natural “unscripted” feel.
We will follow a little bit of a format just to get the conversation going… but after that… we feel like the conversation flows.

Before the Interview – Preparation!

Minimize background noise – Plan on having some privacy during our interview. Nothing disrupts a podcast interview like children/roommates/family members walking in the room. The biggest disrupter of our podcast? Pets… as animal lovers we love your pets, but we need some uninterrupted time with you. Please do what you can to ensure that your dog won’t be barking in the background, or that your cat will be doing cat stuff in the background.
A quiet room with carpeted floors, and soft furnishings works best to minimize sound bouncing around in the room creating an echo chamber feel, just do your best to make sure you’re not set up in an echo chamber. Choose the room that closest matches our “ideal.”
Most importantly… you need some equipment. It doesn’t take much to make a HUGE difference, and you probably already have it on hand. For optimum quality you will want headphones and an external microphone. If you’re using a mobile device (our system currently does not work on Apple devices), a standard headset works just fine (disregard any bitrate warning messages). If you’re working on a PC… it is imperative that you have a set of headphones, and preferrably an external microphone… a mobile headset works with most laptops too. This is absolutely a case of the better the quality the better the sound, but even the minimum works. What doesn’t work is trying to work without headphones (external speakers will create an echo feedback loop)

Optimum Ideal Equipment

You’re probably a podcaster

  • Working on a PC with a sound mixer
  • Allows you to work with a professional quality microphone and ultimate adjustability
  • Professional grade sound cancelling headphones.
  • Webcam
Great Alternative

For the average PC Geek

  • Connect via PC or Laptop
  • External Microphone
  • Headphones
  • Webcam
Works Fine

Most people use this option

  • Connect via mobile device (Android only)
  • Typical mobile headset. Hard wired is ideal, but bluetooth is acceptable

Setting Up Your Interview

We will send you a link to access our Squadcast interview room. You don’t need to install an app, you just need access to a web browser with an internet connection with reasonable speed.
Our interview is set up with audio and video. We feel that having a video connection helps us with our dialogue, but only the audio is recorded… the video portion is NOT recorded.
When you first enter the site… you will be in the “green room” where you can get your details worked out, you must give permissions in order to get your microphone and webcam connected. Please enter the name you wish for us to identify you by.

Your Podcast Interview

We typically have two different types of interviews. A feature interview where the whole show is about you, or a topic you have experience or specialty in is one type.
The other type of interview we do is a segment interview. This is a drop in interview where we will talk briefly about you, or a topic you have experience or specialty in. A segment interview usually only lasts about 5 minutes, is very brief where we only hit the important topics.
The two different interview styles will be conducted totally differently.

Feature Interview

Most of the interviews we do are feature interviews where we dedicate an entire episode to one topic or one person. Chances are you are probably doing a feature interview. While we work to keep our interviews unscripted… this is pretty much an outline of what you can expect:

  • Introduction – We live record our podcast with you, we will ask you to remain silent until we introduce you. We will start with few seconds of silence, and then we will intro the podcast episode and then introduce you using the bio info you’ve provided for us. Once we say “Welcome to the show” that is your queue to start.
  • About you – We will start with a question asking about you… this is your opportunity to tell us about you, your work, etc
  • Dive into the topic – Every podcast interview is different so it is impossible to script them… but we will lead into the conversation, and then every podcast will follow its own course based on the conversation. If you would like to provide bullet points for us to make sure we cover, you’re welcome to send them over to us.
  • Conclusion – We will ask where people can find out more about you and your work and thank you for being on the show and then we will conclude the show.
    Please remain on the line… we will have a brief post interview chat while our audio files are rendered and uploaded. (this happens automagically in the background)
Segment Interview

A segment interview is a more focused interview where we talk for just a few minutes about a topic you have experience in or specialize in. Segment interviews are drop in edited… so there is no fanfare or big formal introduction or conclusion… we will talk very briefly about you, and how you’re experienced or knowledgeable about the topic, and then give you a moment to provide your input. Segment interviews are very short… so please help us by keeping your responses short but concise.

Time Limits

We do our best to keep every podcast under 45 minutes. Each podcast interview situation is different but they tend to fall under two different scenarios. A full feature podcast is where you are the topic of the Podcast, and we dedicate the entire podcast to you. A Segment feature is where you are just a part of a larger podcast.

  • Feature Podcast Interview– We typically will have about 5-10 minutes of business to discuss before your segment so we divide your segment into two 15 minute sections. (this allows us a midshow break for advertisements) We typically will start looking for a break at around the 10 minute mark. You don’t need to worry about time necessarily, we want you to speak freely. We just want you to be aware that we will be looking for that break so you’re not taken off guard by it.
  • Segment Interview – Typically between 5 and 10 minute segments. Can be more or less… either way we will communicate to you exactly how much time we’re looking for. You do not need to spend too much energy worrying about time, we will keep us on track and may make a decision on the fly if we decide to go overtime…

We will contact you to set up your interview time and send you a link where you can join us on Squadcast.