For February being such a short month, deadline week has been surprisingly smooth  this month. Why? You ask… A lot of exciting things are happening at LoveTribeMedia which are going to make our behind-the-scenes processes a lot easier, and in turn, creating an even better magazine for you. 

There are several layers in our approach to building our audience. The first one… is getting my voice out of the magazine. This publication has never been about me… It’s about YOU! It’s about this amazing lifestyle we live, and the many, many ways we go about it. 

We are super excited about the people that are starting to come out and step up to help add more content into the magazine. We have casual contributors, like last month’s Ellecia Payne… (She assures us that she will be back with more.) We have a couple more casual writers coming in the next month or two… People who have professional practices, instructors, relationship coaches, etc… For a limited time, we’re offering free advertising to those who send in articles that we can publish. Articles must be pertinent and relevant to our lifestyle, and must be interesting and engaging.  

A Report on the Nymphomaniac Condition

There is a good example of this in this month’s issue, one of our featured articles in fact. A Report on the Nymphomaniac Condition is written by Hermann Humbert, husband to hotwife, Lola Down and author of, as well as several books and collections of short stories about their sexy lifestyle. Through their erotic stories about real adventures, they educate and inspire us, while titillating our senses. Their inaugural article in this month’s issue, is very much an introduction of the basis behind their activities, and a study of what being in a hotwife relationship is about… Its not just about great sex, it’s about a sense and a celebration of “being”. It’s a great read… very well studied, and backed up with lots of references. What makes it most interesting is the quality of the writing… I wish I could tell you just how good the writing is in their erotic stories… You will just have to find out for yourself. We are excited to have them on board with us! 

We have a couple of other people joining us soon, a relationship coach, an educator/psychology professional, and more… stay tuned… more yummy goodness coming. By adding more people to our team of contributors we gain audience, and we’re talking about people from all over the country… That’s the kind of “community building” that we’re looking for. 

Kenneth Reed steps into the Artist Spotlight

The latest artist to step into our Artist Spotlight – New Jersey artist and painter, Kenneth Reed

Speaking of all over the country… We’re already taking those steps in our Artist Spotlight Column. We’re excited to feature an artist all the way from New Jersey! Kenneth Reed is an artist who works with oils, pastels, and charcoal to create beautiful erotic art pieces. He has recently stepped into the ENM lifestyle. It’s a really fantastic article about him and his journey, and his work is really great, but what I’m truly excited about is the writer who put it all together.

Karen Tortora-Lee

I actually met her on OKCupid, as we talked and got to know each other it was apparent that her work with the magazine would be every bit as important as any other connection that might develop between us. I literally gave her the Artist Spotlight assignment and told her we were on a tight schedule. She did the interview and submitted an incredibly entertaining and cohesive article in two days and two days AHEAD of our modified deadline! Please welcome Karen Tortora-Lee to our staff of writers. She is enthusiastic and passionate about the ENM Lifestyle. She is excited to be a part of our team and I’m really excited, because it definitely seems like she is with us for the long haul! She brings years of experience, both as a writer, but also as a copy editor for a magazine. She understands deadlines and what we’re trying to accomplish here, both in the face of the magazine, but also on an organizational level. 

We’re definitely starting to accumulate some real talent here, their passion for what we’re doing and the extra hands allows me to work more on promotion, marketing, SEO.. and all of the unsexy stuff that will make this magazine work and be a successful part of our community. 

Click the image above to navigate to our online magazine… but be warned there is content there that is not suitable for all viewers.

I haven’t even talked about Misty yet… Gosh… Our Temptation, Misty Morningstar is the kind of person who doesn’t really need an introduction. She walks into a room and all eyes are on her. She is a devilishly, bratty switch that will have you begging for her attention… However, I won’t steal her thunder, and risk “punishment”… You will just have to go check out the magazine to see how awesome she is!!!  


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