We hope that this month is finding everyone healthy and safe, and feeling upbeat about the situation as most of our country starts to open up. It feels good to see the progress we’ve made in flattening the curve… Hopefully, most of you still have some kind of social distance plan in place to help keep it that way. I don’t know about you, but we are so ready to see things get back to normal… At the same time realizing, normal will probably have to be re-defined going forward. 

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We are super stoked about this issue! A couple of months ago I met the most lovely artist… Well I actually e-met her online, but her personality just shines… She is so excited about her art, about life, and about showing her work and spreading her joy. It took us a couple of months, but I’m super excited to share the work of Ponciano with you. She has an interesting story and an interesting history to share with you, and the stories behind her art are fascinating. This is truly what I would love for EVERY Artist Spotlight story to be. If you happen to know an artist who might like to be featured in the magazine, please have them reach out to us via our Artist Spotlight Application on the ENM Magazine website. 

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With Ellie and Christina home from work on shutdowns, we’ve been doubling up on some of our home projects. It’s been really nice to get on top of some things on our list that we figured were two or three years down the road. One of the best parts though, is Ellie has been doing nearly ALL of the cooking! What has become one of our favorite dishes is our homemade pizza night… It is every bit a family activity that is super fun!  Check out For the Love of Food this month… If you’re stuck at home like we are, you should give it a shot! 

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We had some extra space in the magazine this month, so it seemed like a good time to put together our next installment in the Ethical Non-Monogamy Series. This month I compiled a massive article on Swinging. The history of it, why people do it, where people do it, how they do it, etc… It’s a great article that is really just a culmination of every conversation you’ve ever had with a vanilla person (or even a fellow ENM person) about what swinging is all about. 

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Nolan Lawless checks in with an article that explores how our Coronavirus lockdown is really showing us where our privilege exists. It’s a great thought provoking read on where you might be able to do some soul searching to discover some of your own privilege… and how you can help minimize the impact of your privilege on others. 

Kitty Chambliss has an opportunity to help out a reader who is dealing with a lack of sexual spark in his relationship with his nesting primary partner with some tips on how he can cope with it, and help bring back some of the passion to his marriage.

Finally, our favorite hotwife is at it again… feeling frustrated with the Covid shutdown and taking out her frustrations on her poor hapless husband after getting all gooey sharing sexy photos with her loyal fans…

Basically the usual content sans a Temptation or even a Real People of ENM tribute this month… Seems like everyone has gone into hibernation or something. We’re really hoping that the re-opening and the weather getting warmer will make for some great opportunities to get out and and do some shooting with some new Temptations, not just by us, but hopefully from some of the photographers we’ve had inquire about shooting for us. If that’s you… lets get connected and get this set up… 

For the rest of you, stay safe… And wear your mask!


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