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Look at us go! It is with pride and determination that we kick off our second year! We’re so lucky to have the support of our friends and our community… We’re grateful to have this opportunity to represent our community and to normalize this amazing way that we live our lives! 

With vaccines on the way… We’re hoping to see our more free way of living returning soon… We’re already working on strategies to help improve the quality of our magazine while still moving through our work in a Covid safe manner, so as not to expose people unnecessarily. 

The first step in that process is to re-introduce some of our former “Temptations” as Real People of ENM friends. We’ve taken our old PDXScene publication offline entirely, and we want to keep some of our favorite featured folks in the limelight… So we’re bringing some of them back. This helps us continue to create quality content for you, and gives us an opportunity to reintroduce them to our more global readership… These are GREAT people whose stories will help others form healthy and satisfying non-monogamous relationships. As much as we hate duplicating content… This feels like a responsible way of providing quality  content and still serving our community. 

This month we’re bringing back Pandora… she’s an amazing woman, with a determination and passion, but also an amazing example of her own variety of Ethical Non-monogamy and Polyamory. To know her is to love her… and you will see what we mean when you read about her in this month’s issue of ENM Magazine.

Our next idea is one that I’m really in love with. It is nearly impossible for me to do a photography session with someone without potentially exposing numerous people to the Covid virus. We had the idea last summer to create opportunities for people to submit self-shot photos for publication. The response to this has been wonderful… We would love to see more! We’ve created an entire page on our website (https://www.enmmagazine.com/reader_involvement/) that outlines ALL of the ways our readers can get featured or have their photos published in our magazine! We’ve created seven Reader Submitted Pictorial themes for you to participate in, and we’ve posted them early so you can prepare, and come up with ideas now. These Reader Submitted Pictorials are a LOT of fun, and the photos you all submit are truly amazing!  We’re excited to see this grow. 

So far, the photos we’ve seen are pretty good, some even better than good. One of the things we see as we move in ENM Social sites like Kasidie, Quiver, SAFSocial etc… is couples whose photography could use some help with photography basics. As part of trying to grow our Reader Submitted Pictorial Articles, this month we’re launching a companion article that we’re calling “Taking Your Erotic Photography to the Next Level.” Through this article some of our Photography Pro’s will be offering some tips and advice to our novice photographers to improve their photography, because better photos will help improve your opportunities for connection, and will encourage more people to participate in our Reader Submitted Pictorial articles… A win all the way around! 

Speaking of spectacular photography… We’re super excited to feature the work of a photographer who pretty regularly contributes to our ENM Magazine offerings. Julian Norman aka CameraCoffeeGuy is getting his turn in our Artists Spotlight. He’s a great photographer which is especially notable considering he’s only been shooting creatively for a few years, and he learned and primarily works with film! His work is amazing and his story even better… We’re excited to introduce you to him and feature his work in our magazine! 

Of course we have the usual suspects also, We start with Dear Kitty. Kitty Chambliss responds to a gentleman who is relatively new to ENM. He and his wife had stepped in and his wife immediately connected with someone, and he had his battles with jealousy, and insecurity. He worked his way through them, and eventually found a poly partner of his own…and the roles reversed… and his wife then found herself not able to cope with her own feelings of jealousy and insecurity, to a point where she wants to go back to non-monogamy.  This is a common situation that couples who are new to ENM find themselves in… and Kitty gives some sound advice to help him find his way through his struggles.

Nolan Lawless checks in with a Group Therapy article on Borderline Personality Disorder and how it affects our connections in our ENM relationships. BPD and its roller coaster of emotions can create some real havoc for those who struggle with it, but also for their partners. Nolan helps us identify some of the behaviors that people with BPD exhibit and help us understand how and why they work the way they do. 

Ellie Love checks in with a recipe article that is perfect comfort food for snuggling with someone you love on a cold winters night in her For the Love of Food article. You will want to try out her Tomato Basil soup and Grilled Cheese sandwiches!

Lola Down Author Hermann Humbert celebrates his birthday Covid style, like most of us do… in depressing isolation… but his hotwife has other ideas, and treats him to a surprise that would knock any guys socks off!    

Lastly… We want to tell you about this super cool and fun thing we’re doing with our Patreon community. We’re teaming up with our sponsors for a community building event that will span 2021.  Together with the fine folks at The Tremor, Clone a Willy, and our own Frisky Friends group… We will be holding monthly drawings from our Patreon community members. We will be drawing prizes for free copies of the magazine, fun Frisky Friends Tee Shirts and Merch, CloneAWilly and CloneAPussy units, and then in December 2021… One of our lucky community members is going to win their very own Tremor: Rock and Roll Sex Machine (Valued at $849). Everyone in our community gets an entry every month that they maintain their pledge, and our VIP’s get an additional entry per month as well… This is a GREAT opportunity for you to help support our work, and get a little swag too!  If you’ve not gotten in on this… You’re going to want to get your opportunities going, by making your pledge now! We hope to see you… Join us soon!

Want to get your own copy of our January issue in print? Act fast! Pre-orders close at midnight January 3rd! Follow the link below to visit our online store and get your copy on order now.

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