Welcome to our new site. While it is still under construction on a limited level, you can still go ahead and order a copy of our January issue from our online Newsstand.

You won’t want to miss seeing this issue featuring Amber Lynne, pansexual rope bunny, who loves exploring friendships and relationships with a RA approach to her lifestyle. Featuring beautiful photography by Lovelines you will not only get to see her beauty, you will get to know her through the featured article written by Marilyn Belle.

What is ENM? We’re going to answer that question with a reboot from the previous publication where, through a series of articles we will explore what Ethical Non-monogamy truly is. We’re starting with ENM itself, for it is the reason for our existence here, but also as it serves as an umbrella under which 90% of all forms of Non-monogamy fall.

We are also going to be encouraging artists from all over the country to step into our “Artists Spotlight” In our Artist Spotlight series, we will sit down with an artist, and get to know them, and how they approach their art, and if their work incorporates any of our lifestyle. Then… the artist will take us on a virtual tour of the favorite pieces and tell the story behind each piece. It is an amazing feature in our magazine that our readers love!

What would a lifestyle magazine be without some stories to titillate your senses? Marilyn Belle has offered up to take over the renamed “Confessions… ” column to tell her own stories of her discovery of non-monogamy which is going in a direction of Polyamory, and also her experiences as a submissive. She’s an amazing writer, we’re excited to have her on board with us!

Almost every magazine under the sun has a food column… and ours is no exception. Ellie Love will be continuing her “For the Love of Food” column where she explores fun recipes, and shares a bit of her own lifestyle journey. It’s an interesting and relevant twist on our lifestyle in a way that is ONLY fitting in a magazine like ours!


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