If you’ve never heard of ENM Magazine we recap the many different articles you might find inside including features from talented professionals like  Nolan Lawless, Kitty Chambliss from Loving Without Boundaries and Ellecia Paine.

The magazine is also all about the people of our ENM Communities, so we love to feature them in our Temptation articles and our Real People of ENM articles.  We love featuring the people of ENM…. you all are sooo very cool! 

Next up we talk about our Artist Spotlight article. It is perhaps our most favorite article, because we get to meet and get to know some pretty amazing artists and get to take a tour through some of their most favorite work and hear the artists stories and anecdotes about each piece.  

Moving onto our entertainment section, we talk about our Lola Down article written by Hermann Humbert, who checks in with tales about his life with his beautiful and sexy hotwife, Lola Down…  the stories are always fun and titillating, and at times quite humorous. We’re excited to have them on board with us.  If you’d like to check out their works outside of our magazine you can find them at https://mysexlifewithlola.com/

One of the things about our magazine is that while we are primarily all about Ethical Non-monogamy, we find that many people in our community are also into kink and BDSM.  We like to be inclusive of that community as well, and so you’ll find occassional content in that vein… our own Marilyn Belle, loves to write about her adventures as a submissive and some of the lessons and excitement she has had along the way in her Confessions article. 

And then last, but certainly not least… we chat with Ellie Love about her food article we call “For the Love of Food”… what its all about, how she incorporates her non-monogamous life into her articles and how she shares her lovely recipes for us all to try.  This month she covers her latest endeavor Homemade Pizza and how it is not only a tasty meal that her poly family loves, but also how it is a fun family activity as well with each person getting to make their own pizza just the way that they like it!

If you’d like to check out this months issue of ENM Magazine and read Ellie’s For the Love of Food article,  you can follow this link – June 2020 Issue ENM Magazine

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