As a magazine that caters to a very sexual and sensual lifestyle where people enjoy exploring the boundaries on the sexier side of life, our magazine serves as an outlet for some of these explorations visually.

Most people pick up a magazine and browse through just looking at photos, and if a photo catches their eye, they may decide to read an article or two. As such, you will find our magazine to be heavily laden with image content. That is where you come in. We’re looking for imagery that is the best you can submit. Quality rises to the surface, images that do not rise to the surface are subject to being cut in our layout editing process… ALWAYS submit your best work!

That said… we’re not necessarily looking for magazine perfection. We’re body positive, sex positive, and Kink/BDSM positive. We strive to be inclusive of all genders, all sexual orientations, all races… we desire to depict the diversity in our ENM community whenever and wherever possible!

We truly desire to be a publication that allows for everyone complete freedom of expression, however we have limitations we must respect under terms of service and community guidelines with the hosts that we distribute our content under, as well as federal laws.

So with this in mind, as well as the notion that we want to create a magazine that is safe for most people to read, we do have to have some limitations in what we will allow to be published. These guidelines apply to all image content submitted to be published in ENM Magazine.

No Underage Photos

Except in editorial articles that do not depict sexually explicit content or topics, we do not allow images that depict people under the age of 18 or that appear underage. This includes images where people are trying to portray “Barely Legal” or “Pass for Underage” images, or age play/parental role play imagery. We are not interested in promoting the sexualization of children by portraying imagery that is intended to titillate the senses of someone fantasizing about sex with someone who is not of legal age.
We reserve the right to ask for age verification documentation as required by federal law.

No Rape Scenes

In the interest of maintaining a safe space for the majority of our readers, we do not allow rape scenes, whether simulated or real. This includes consensual non-consent. There is a fine line between some Kink/BDSM scenes and simulated rape. These will be approved on a case by case basis depending on the article in question and the situation. When in doubt ask…

No Bodily Fluids

No Blood, Scat, Urine or ejaculate in photographic depictions. Illustrated or non-photographic mediums may be accepted on a case by case basis depending on the article and what the artist is trying to communicate. We want to maintain an air of artistic expression over pornographic pruriency.

No Incest or Bestiality

This should go without saying… sadly every rule we have is because someone tried to cross a line.

No XXX content

As an adult entertainment magazine we allow all forms of nudity, bare breasts, as well as full frontal nudity are allowed for both women AND men. Simulated sex scenes are acceptable. We do not allow photographic images that depict actual or imminent insertion. Again with this the margin is in an effort to promote creative and artistic expression that falls short of outright pornography.

High Resolution Graphics Please

Please submit image graphics that are high resolution. Our magazine prints at 300 dpi… so low resolution images are going to look like garbage. Please whenever possible submit full resolution images that are not watermarked. (we will provide image credits to the photographer wherever possible.)
For the average everyday reader most modern mobile devices will create a reasonable image for publication in our reader submitted photos, but we definitely prefer images shot on an actual camera for quality.
For advanced photographers please consider our page dimensions when submitting images for full bleed page images.

  • Full Page dimensions- 8 1/2×11 inches at Minimum (96dpi) 816px wide by 1056px tall or Optimum quality (300dpi) 2550px wide x 3300px tall
  • Full Spread (two pages) dimensions – we will only print maximum quality images full spread (300dpi) 5100px wide x 3300px tall. Please be sure to keep in mind there is a gutter in the middle of the image. So you won’t want important elements in the center of the image that will be in the fold. (especially faces)

However you shoot your photos, please be sure to submit original resolution images that have not been previously submitted to social networks, sent via email or other processes that will compress and degrade the original resolution. If you edit in any kind of software be sure to export to the same resolution as original whenever possible. Images that are too low of resolution or poor image quality are subject to rejection.

Image Ownership and Limited License

For the most part, if you’ve take a photo, it is yours to do with as you choose. If you work in a casual situation with a friend or spouse… there is not really much issue with licensing and copyright issues. Its when dealing with a professional photographer that you have to be very careful.

Most people do not know this but even when you hire a photographer to shoot photos for you. By law, unless stated otherwise in writing, the photographer retains copyright of the images. Typically they grant limited license for you to use them for personal use, but in a commercial setting, such as publishing in a magazine or entering into a contest, special permissions are required. So if you’re submitting photos that are taken by a professional, we must have contact information for the photographer so we can contact them for publication permission as a professional courtesy.

When you submit photos to us, you are granting us limited publication license. This gives us limited permissions to publish your images in our magazine as well as our blog. It also gives permission to use the images to promote the article in which you are being published. This extends to future publications as well, where may be promoting a similar article. No other permissions or license is requested or granted. We cannot sell your images, or transfer these permissions to any other entity. As a part of your entry form, you are certifying that you have appropriate ownership to give us this permission and accept all harm if there is a professional photographer involved. When in doubt… ask… we’re happy to reach out to your pro photographer if you send us their contact information. Most photographers are super accommodating when we contact them… and appreciate the gesture. It also helps us give them appropriate image credits and everyone is happy.

Updated September 28, 2020