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Ahhh…. February…. The month of love and romance! Even though most polyamorous people would tell you that they celebrate love all year… We choose February as the month where we put Polyamory front and center here at ENM Magazine. This year we’ve got some exciting stuff for you… despite working in a pandemic and being socially isolated. 

Our February Poly-Temptations

We’re super lucky to have found an interesting polycule, who have stepped up to be our PolyTemptations this year.  Their dynamic is not atypical in that their polycule as a whole is large… far bigger than we could have featured here, but we’re focusing on a few of the core people in the polycule… and demonstrating how interconnected people in a polycule are, and how far reaching various branches of the polycule can be. What is even more cool though is the ethics, and philosophies of the young people involved in this polycule. I think their story truly speaks of relationships with intention, that are far from the mainstream ideas that most of us grew up with. Seeing people like this gives me hope that we will someday be successful in making ethical and consensual non-monogamy, a normal and viable option for people in society. 

How and Why All Polyamorists Should Be Feminists

February has turned out to be a great month for reader interaction as well. I’m super excited for a reader submitted article sent in by one of our readers, which discusses parallel values between polyamory and feminism. We at ENM Magazine champion feminism and strive for equality in all genders… Lisa’s article shines a light on how some people view polyamory and non-monogamy through a patriarchal lens… and how these values do not serve us, and do not move us toward a place of equality. Something very near and dear to our hearts. 

Be My Sexy Valentine

Life would be dull if we were always serious though… and that is where our Reader Submit Pictorials come in… This month we’re featuring a Valentine’s themed pictorial. Four of our readers sent in some gorgeous photos for us to share with you… along with some beautiful Valentine’s sentiments to get your juices flowing. Definitely, one of the big highlights of this issue. If you’re looking to get in on the next reader submitted pictorial article, we’re featuring a fun Spring Theme next… Photos are due no later than April 21st. Check out our reader involvement area for more details on this pictorial as well as others coming up. 

Recipes for Love – Wings ‘n’ Piggies

Ellie Love’s column gets a rebrand this month. Along with some other interactive features we will be rolling out, Ellie’s column now has a video channel on YouTube and we realized that we might be treading on someone else’s brand, so we renamed it… I actually like the new name better anyway… Recipes for Love, gets its debut this month, not only in the magazine, but on YouTube as well… Look for the link on our website, and in her article, go subscribe to her channel so she can get her vanity URL lined up. Recipes for Love is actually going to evolve into a family affair… as I will be sharing some of my favorite barbeque tips and tricks as well as discussions about pellet stove smoking, sous-vide cooking, etc… It’s going to be a fun evolution to bring even more people into our ENM world. This month, Ellie takes her Valentine’s theme to cover Super Bowl snacks… I mean… who doesn’t love the Super Bowl? Check out some of our favorite football treats… And then tune in to her channel for video clips on how to make these delicious treats! 

The Most Important Feature On Every Camera

Speaking of interactive video… In this month’s installment of Next Level Photography, I cover equipment. Most people do not have access to professional photography equipment, and it is a common assumption that expensive equipment is a requirement for good photos. In this month’s issue, I do a photo shoot with Ellie using nothing but my cell phone… and talk a bit about that process, and how you can practice to improve your photography skills with whatever you have, before you go out and spend thousands of dollars on a new camera. Where video comes into play… if you’re a Patreon supporter, you’ll have access to a behind the scenes video that we shot while doing our shoot. It will give you a glimpse of what a photoshoot looks like and some of the interaction between Ellie and I… and how we get those great shots! 

Dear Kitty – Hopeless Romantic

Of course we have our usual suspects around as well. Kitty Chambliss addresses how people get past the “one true love” concept that monogamy programs us with, and we get a super sexy Valentine’s themed story from Hermann Humbert and Lola Down to wrap us up… 

Be sure to check out our Livecast show on February 7th! We will be talking about all of this stuff, and more, just search for ENM Talk Podcast, on Youtube! We’ll see you there!



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