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Our Magazine content is available in three forms, through our online blog, digitally on Kindle, as well as in limited print editions. 

ENM Magazine Blog

In an effort to be able to deliver more content we've moved the bulk majority of our blog content to Patreon. Don't worry most of it is still free to access... but you can also become a patron supporter to access our more mature content.

ENM Magazine on Kindle

Our online version of our magazine is now hosted through Kindle. It's free to view with your KindleUnlimited account, otherwise you can buy your own copy at $2.99 per issue. 

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As a small independent magazine our magazines are exclusively printed to order using only the best quality materials. You can get your own copy by visiting our online bookstore and browsing through current and past copies. 

Our latest ENM Talk Live Cast Show!

Be sure to mark your Calendars! Our next Live show is coming up this Sunday! With the new year, we have so much to talk about! We're excited to dive into the January issue with you where we have some fun and exciting content! We will also sample some craft beer, and sample some of Ellie's delicious cooking as she shares a bit of her January recipe with us!
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The road over the last 8+ years has been challenging.  Tune in to find out how […]
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By request… Michael and Ellie revisit the beginning of their journey into Ethical Non-monogamy. It’s a […]
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