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We are all taught the Golden Rule as children, that we should treat others the way […]
How Modern Sexuality Transforms in the Face of Shifting Definitions In 2018 I had a poem […]
Michael Love discusses the concept of taking your polyamory to the next level... cohabitation. He discusses some of the complexities and benefits that went into the decision of pulling his polycule under one roof.
Navigating the process of finding a counselor who will not only understand your Ethical Non-Monogamy lifestyle, but will incorporate it as a part of your healing process can be challenging. Nolan Lawless gives us some tips on finding the right counselor to meet your needs.
Nolan Lawless tackles a difficult topic many of us are facing in these troubled times as we tackle politics, social justice issues, and even the Covid crisis… we are learning that some of our partners and friends have wildly different views to an extent where it is affecting compatibility.
An introduction to Privilege by Nolan Lawless where he shines a light on some real world, real time examples of privilege, and how we can work to minimize the impact of our privilege on others in our community.
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