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Loving Without Boundaries
Address: Virtual (Online) Business
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I believe that we can improve the quality of our lives by improving the quality of our relationships.
This way of life is more possible than you think, especially when you surround yourself with a community of people already doing it. We want to welcome you to that new world. Your support group. Your place to learn.

Loving Without Boundaries is a place where desiring abundant love isn’t seen as selfish. It’s courageous and self-loving. You will no longer feel shame due to your natural desires. You are safe here. And you’re not alone.

Whether you want to explore a polyamorous or open relationship, dealing with jealousy or self-worth barriers, I am here to help.
Kitty Chambliss

Business Website Address: Loving Without Boundaries
Photography by Luna Sage
Address: Vancouver, WA
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Chrys Fluaitte is a lifestyle photographer in the Pacific Northwest. She enjoys working with people in the ENM Communities to create fun and sexy photos. She also works in other types of photography also.

Business Website Address: Photography by Luna Sage
Empowered Pleasure
Address: Portland, OR
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Empowered Pleasure in Portland, Oregon. We offer educational and social events with the aim of preaching the gospel of empowered pleasure, which requires both healthy attachment and healthy individuation. We seek to teach as many people as possible how to have safe, healthy, consensual fun.

Business Website Address: Empowered Pleasure
Reckless Abandon Leathers
Address: 7925 SE Sunnyside Dr
Portland, OR
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Leatherworking. My best selling work is by far my corsets. But contact me for other things too.

Business Website Address: Facebook Page
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The Velvet Rope
Address: 3533 SE Cesar E. Chavez Blvd
Portland, OR
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The Velvet Rope is the longest-running on-site social club in Portland, Oregon. Located at 3533 SE Cesar E. Chavez Blvd, the members-only club is tucked away in a quiet and unassuming location.

10,000 square feet of play space and comfort await you at TVR. We have created an open-minded community that welcomes all. We are known for being the type of place old-friends gather to relax and new ones find all sorts of play activities to enjoy.

Create safe and sex-positive space for everyone
Enthusiastic consent and the safety of our guests is our top priority. The diversity of the events we host provide safe spaces regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, age or ability.

Building and maintaining a close community is what makes TVR great. We value all of the connections to both individuals and other small businesses we have made over the years.

We take our customer security and confidentiality to heart as we uphold a no cell phone or recording device policy within the club. Each guest can expect respect and peace of mind as they know they are free to express themselves without the risk of being recorded.

Business Website Address: The Velvet Rope
Business Phone Number: 971-271-7064
Notorious Toys
Address: Virtual Business
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At Notorious Toys, we make bright, vibrant wax play candles. Our candles are specially formulated to be skin safe, low temperature, and unscented. The bright colors easily lend themselves to creating body art as well.

Business Website Address: Notorious Toys
Address: Virtual Business
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The MultiPleasures journey started because we believe that sex, masturbation and play are integral to a healthy libido. We believe in sexual education for ourselves and our community and hope to be a part of your explorations and sensual desires.

Business Website Address: MultiPleasures
Ethical Non-monogamy(ENM) Relationship Anarchy BucksPA Meetup Group
Address: New Hope, PA
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This is a new group in the Bucks County PA area. Specifically, New Hope, PA. My vision of the group, which, of course, is subject to growth, is a safe place for people to meet and be open about who they are while doing something fun. Right now, it is a virtual meetup. Once we can all be face to face again, I would like to do some fun local events BUT>... I always want to have a virtual attendance option. I know it is difficult for many people to get out in the real but yet would love to be a part of something. So I thought I would give it a go... Join me. It's free, of course. If there is ever a cost, it would just be due to a location charge of something we do, and the virtual will always be free...

Business Website Address: Meetup Group
Ethical Non-Monogamy Group
Address: Virtual Group
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This is your home on Facebook to talk about all things Non-Monogamy. We have people from all walks of Non-monogamy, from swingers to poly-folk, from the more experienced people, to the newbies, to those who may be on the outside looking in... who may be curious about our way of relating.

This group is NOT a pic-share group. While we allow a certain amount of photo sharing, it happens behind the scenes, and our group rules are slightly more restrictive than Facebook Community Guidelines. Our primary discussion thread is reserved for interactive conversation and discussion about all things Ethical Non-monogamy. This is an intentionally structured and managed group so we can keep the focus on discussion and community without the visual distraction of a bunch of memes and photos. If you’re just looking for a group to share a bunch of sexy photos, this is not going to be the place for it.

We welcome everyone from all walks of life. We strive to be inclusive of everyone without discrimination of race, gender, religion or sexuality, as long as differences are respected and all topics of conversation intersect with Ethical Non-monogamy as a primary topic.

You will find community here... people you can relate to, that you can talk to, share your joys, and seek support in times of struggle. Above all... we are friends first... and strive to keep the conversation light and friendly, and when it gets heavy, we keep it respectful, and kind...

Business Website Address: Ethical Non-Monogamy Group
Open Amory, Polyamory, ENM Support and Friendship Group.
Address: Online Only
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This is a Ethical Non-monogomous, Polyamorous Group, for Dating, Learning, Meeting like minded People, Life Long Friendships, and Love

Business Website Address: Open Amory Facebook Group