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Our ENM Talk Podcast's official first LIVE episode goes live on YouTube and Facebook today! We will talk a bit about what we're doing with the livecast... talk a bit about what 2021 is bringing to ENM Magazine fans, and we'll get a first glimpse at the Tremor Rock and Roll Sex Machine and tell you how you can win one of your own...but you gotta tune in to find out! This one will be long, but we will make it fun I promise! Pour yourself a drink and tune in!
Christina Love checks in with some great ideas for those people in your ENM Life you for which you may be struggling to come up with that perfect gift. Check out her article free to view on our Patreon Blog.
So many people start out in our ENM lifestyle through infidelity. Kitty Chambliss helps one of our new readers work his way through the struggles of the aftermath of his wife's affair and helps him with his efforts to keep his relationship intact, while guiding him on his new endeavor into a more ethical approach to non-monogamy.
Check out what's in our Special Holiday edition of ENM Magazine and how you can get your own copy!
Ellie Love;s annual tongue in cheek homage to the men we all love in her Dad Bod Dudoir Article.
There are three ways to get your hands on a copy of ENM Magazine. Online in […]
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