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We’re super excited… We’ve managed to get a couple of Temptations interviews, at least one of them shot… And more on the way. It’s looking like we might be able to get at least a few months with the beautiful, sexy pictorial type articles we all love. Even though we have a Temptation ready to roll… We decided to hold off on publishing it just yet.

Call for art image for upcoming tattoo article. Features an attractive man dressed in a suit posed with a nearly nude woman with lots of tattoo's across her back and arms

July 17th is National Tattoo Day… Usually we would run a Tattoo issue in July… But 2020 is not a usual year for pretty much anything and everybody. Because getting photo shoots in the age of Covid is challenging… We figured we would just skip our Tattoo issue this year… but it has been missed! We’ve actually had people asking if we were going to be doing another Tattoo issue this year. Our lovely Candy Lane, has stepped up and agreed to be our Temptation for it… So now the ball is in YOUR court… We need a few of our beautiful tattooed folks to send in some tattoo photos along with a few words about what your ink means to you. It doesn’t have to be professional photos… Even just cellphone photos shot by your partner or friends… We’re looking for some fun, self shot creativity for a second featured article for our Tattoo issue. We would love to make you a part of our upcoming issue dedicated to skin art!

Article image for Nolan Lawless article "Meet your counseling match" features a smiling woman sitting on a couch talking to a therapist
Group Therapy – Meet Your Counseling Match

We are super excited for what we do have… There is literally some gold in this issue. Nolan Lawless walks us through an article that will be relevant for many from our community. In his Group Therapy article Nolan covers the challenges of finding a counselor or therapist that is experienced in working in some of the complexities of the ENM lifestyle. 

illustration of an exhasperated woman who can't find the words to talk about her polyamory ideals.
Dear Kitty – Can’t Find the Words

Kitty Chambliss responds to a really pertinent question, that many who live an open ENM lifestyle can relate to… Her writer asks, how to respond to people who do not understand the poly lifestyle and how it works with married people. 

a group of four polyamorous friends arm in arm. feature image for Michael Love's Living Together article
Feature Article – Living Together

In the wake of the big news out of Somerville, MA, Michael covers the notion of poly people who actually cohabitate together and shares some of his own feelings and experiences from moving his Love Tribe in together. 

A triad featuring a guy and two bisexual ladies. Cover image for Kennedy Curse's article about his bisexual experience dealing with bi-erasure from both straight and gay people.
Feature Article – A Bisexual Experience

One of our occasional writers, Kennedy Curse checks in with an article about Bi-Erasure and how even within the LGBTQ+ community there are people who engage in inappropriate attitudes towards bisexual people… Enough so that Kennedy asks the question.. “Am I not gay enough for these people?”

Artist Spotlight cover image featuring Jorge Carabelli
Artist Spotlight – Jorge Carabelli

Karen Tortora-Lee sits down with an interesting artist out of Miami, Florida, who gets the distinction of being our first Artist Spotlight artists, who exclusively works in three dimensional art. Check out Jorge Carabelli’s awesome work doing plaster body casts to make beautiful three dimensional art pieces to hang on your wall. 

A delicious looking plate of home made chinese bbq pork.
For the Love of Food – Chinese BBQ “Char Siu” Pork

Ellie Love shares a new favorite with one of her partners where they love to experiment with Asian cuisine. She discovered a great recipe for making Chinese BBQ “Char Siu” Pork that will rival anything you can get from take-out! 

Our lovely Lola Down is ready to get out! Hermann Humbert writes about one of their first outings in the aftermath of the Covid crisis, and some of the complexities they encountered! 

So, even though this issue might feel a little lighter than most… it’s definitely not light on quality… It’s definitely an issue you will want to read from cover to cover!

Online Magazine link image-Warning magazine contains content not suitable for all audiences
Preorders close on August 16 with a scheduled delivery of August 21


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