In a quiet little town in Holland, just across the border from Brussels… some magic is happening.  Our Artist Spotlight feature artist, Bianca Arrrggh, lives with her daughter and two dogs. At 37 years old, and a single parent living in a small town, she doesn’t get to get out much, and that’s fine with her. “The club scene in the big city is huge, but it just isn’t my thing; I’d much rather hang out with my friends or go to a normal [smaller] party.” Usually she spends her weekends hanging out with her kid and her dogs, and occasionally drives up to the big city just 30 minutes away to hang with her friends.

Bianca identifies as kinky and bisexual. She loves anything that allows her to explore what is possible for fun and excitement, but she’s not big on fetish parties. “I’ve gone to a couple of fetish parties and when the intention is too much there, I find I don’t much like it any more. I would rather go to a ‘normal’ party and end up in an orgy you know? Because I like things more spontaneous; when someone goes to a party with an expectation to have an orgy, it’s like, not as much fun.” 

Artist, Bianca Arrgghh holds up a piece of art shaped like an eyeball that is bigger than her head.

Often the instigator of fun, even though she is not actively non-monogamous, Bianca loves that she can explore her sexy side with whomever she wants. “I don’t make much as far as commitments, I live a free sex life. I don’t think that people were meant to be monogamous. It’s like there are certain kinds of animals that mate for life, but when one dies, the other one remains left behind, and the idea of that makes me sad. As humans we have a tendency to do other things, so I don’t think humans in nature are meant to mate for life.” She finds as she attends parties and moves through her life that she is more likely to have a relationship with a man, but enjoys sex more with a woman. “I love women, they are so beautiful but they are also so much more complicated. With men it’s easy, I know what they want, when they want it, there’s no mystery. With women it’s different; my mind races, “Is she into me? Or does she just want amazing sex? I don’t know!” 

She is one of those fortunate artists who actually get to work in her craft, but she is a functioning starving-artist type… especially right now. Normally she works all over the country as a stage builder for various event promoters. While you would think that might give her opportunity to put her many varied artistic talents to good use, that is not necessarily the case, “I don’t get much opportunity to be creative because they already have a plan for what we’re building, I’m just the girl who gets it done.” And after just a half an hour of talking with her, it’s pretty easy to understand… she is definitely the girl who gets it done. 

Though she’s never had any formal artistic training she has figured out her creative space, and has become a bit of an artistic Jill of all trades… she paints, she carves glass with a dremel to make fun and interesting shapes and lamps, she even shared with us a dining room chair she recovered using old bicycle inner tubes woven for strength and beauty… so in addition to her creativity she is also environmentally conscious, “Society just has so much stuff, we use it once and throw it away… it’s stupid really. So I like to take used stuff and repurpose it into something useful.” While Bianca’s artistic endeavors are varied, she’s never shown her work before… which is a pity because she’s really quite good, and it’s where her work in miniature really shines. 

Bianca Arrgghh made up and dressed in her eccentric style.
Connect with the Artist

As a member of a trading card group on Fetlife, Bianca gets to stir her creative juices frequently by getting involved in frequent challenges organized by the group curator. Every artist creates their artwork on at least three 2.5”x3” cards usually based on some predetermined theme; the artists then send their contributions in to the curator, a woman in the US, and she then distributes them out to the various artists so as an artist you never know what you will get in return. It’s a fun and challenging experience, and Bianca loves to have a theme given to her to follow. That said, she often is as fascinated as we are with how her artistically crafted doodles turn into finished work before her eyes, “I like to work without too much of a plan… I usually just start with some basic shapes, and then I just go mental on it and see where it goes and that works for me. When I start drawing something I have no idea what’s going to come out.” 

Her tastes in sex partners and kink are prevalent in her art works, “Ever since I’ve started drawing, I’ve always loved to draw girls… Girls have nicer shapes, and I love how intimate and provocative they are,” and when she’s not drawing girls, she’s drawing cocks usually enduring some form of torture… 

It’s not surprising with her style of work, one of her many varied art forms is tattoo work… Her style of artistry is a perfect fit both in size and scale, but also in style that is perfectly suited for skin art. It’s a newly developing skill so she has work to do it, but as you get to know Bianca more and more, you realize hard work is not something she shies away from. 

When asked if she has any projects she dreams of doing or that she hopes to accomplish she tells us, “Well… I’m not really a planning person really, I really like to just go with the flow and see what comes up… I like it if it’s not planned, it’s much more spontaneous you know?”

The one thing that Bianca has started doing, is at some point she realized that she was creating these beautiful works of art, and sending them off, never to be seen again. She has recently started scanning them and making stickers out of them to give to her friends; she hopes maybe to be able to create a space online where she can sell her creations. I’d highly recommend following her on social media so you can get in the know when and where this will happen. 

Bianca’s work is too NSFW for our blog… but we’d like to invite you to check out her art in it’s original magazine layout by following the link below…


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