Our Artist Spotlight Series article is one of our most favorite columns. Imagine going to an art show, and getting the meet the artist personally, and get to know all about their history, their lives, and what inspires them. Then, imagine that the artist takes you on a personal tour of their favorite works, telling you all about the story behind each image.
If you would like to see an example of what our Artist Spotlight Series looks like, you can find them here…. (Most articles the are published in our magazine will also be doled out on our blog and social media posts to promote the magazine during the month they are in the magazine. Be sure to click through to the magazine layout for full content including NSFW content.)

That is what our Artist Spotlight is all about. It makes for GREAT content for our magazine and also provides a GREAT opportunity for you as an artist to get some free promotion! Would you like to be considered for our Artist Spotlight Series? Drop us your information, and we will review and if you’re approved, we will contact you and let you know what the next steps are.

Artist Spotlight Application Form
Our Artist Spotlight Article in ENM Magazine is a really cool column where our readers get to personally meet you (virtually) and have you take them on a guided tour of your favorite works through the pages of our magazine, telling the story behind each of your favorite art pieces. Its a great experience for our readers and a huge promotion tool for you! This application is the beginning of the process, by adding your information here, you add yourself to our queue of artists... we will contact you (if we haven't already) when we are ready to schedule you for your publish date to complete the process and schedule your image upload/interview process. Please take a moment to send us the following information.
Sexual offenders are by default, excluded from our magazine regardless of circumstances.
Violent crimes means any type of crime against a person. Assault with or without a weapon, assault against a minor, domestic violence.
Please enter the name you create art under
This is your opportunity to list other entities by which you may be referred. Business names if not listed above, alternate identities, pseudonyms you go by/ wish to have mentioned in your article.
Keeping in mind we are a publication devoted to sex-positive culture and community, wherever possible we want you to see this as an opportunity to express any social activism, causes or values you live by and/or wish to promote! Any personal details you'd like us to specifically highlight--age, orientation, relationship status, &c? Talking points you want to make sure come up in the in-person interview? If there is something particularly interesting or intriguing about you, this is the place to tell that story.
Feel free to list any professional or informal education you've received in your craft.
We only tag in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Please enter the URL for each Social Media Profile on a separate line, You can include any links including Fetlife, Model Mayhem or any other web presences. These presences will be listed in your "Connect with the Artist" listings in your article
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 5 files.
Please upload a minimum of 2 Bio images. For best results please make sure at least one is a head shot, others should be photos of you at work, and at play. (We do not accept images of you interacting sexually with your subjects)