Welcome to our magazine website! If you’re here, you’re probably curious what we are all about. ENM Magazine is dedicated to supporting and empowering, while also educating people about the Ethical Non-monogamy communities. Our world is a vast community of people, many of which must live their lives in secret. This magazine strives to celebrate those who are able to live an open and honest life, and work toward normalizing the way we live to remove the stigma that society places on us, so that more people may enjoy living a normal life in the open.

Our official mission statement…

At ENM Magazine we strive to create content of interest to the Ethical Non-Monogamy Community, while also creating awareness and normalizing the way we live our lives. This publication is a collection of works of various people from all walks of our community. The opinions and views expressed by the contributors and interviewees do not necessarily reflect the opinions and stances of this magazine.
We strive to be inclusive of people from our sister communities in the Kink/BDSM communities as well as the LGBTQ communities in the place where those communities overlap with ours. Outside of primarily seeking people who live an open ethically non-monogamous lifestyle, we celebrate and embrace diversity not only in race, gender, and sexual preference, but also in opinions and life experiences.

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Temptation of the Month

Our magazine has always been about the people of the ENM communities. It has always fascinated us how incredibly “normal” people in our circles are… people from everyday walks of life practice ENM. 

Many of us are out and open… we want to share YOUR story. Find out how you can get involved by becoming one of our Temptation of the Month features!

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Real People of ENM

Some of our readers want to be involved but require a greater level of discretion. As a Real People of ENM feature, its more of a profile spread… where you are in control of what you share, and what photos you present so you can protect your anonymity as much as you like.  

Find out how you can get involved by becoming one of our Real People of ENM

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Artist Spotlight Series

One of the most exciting parts of our magazine is a column we call the Artist Spotlight Series. We love to find Artists that feature people from our ENM Community to provide us with visual art of the kinds of activities we crave. If you are an artist and would like to be considered for an Artist Spotlight Series article, please click the button below to apply.

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The ENM Talk Podcast 
with Michael and Ellie

Experience ENM Magazine in a whole new way… in our podcast Michael and Ellie and their Love Tribe will discuss articles in the magazine, and share some of their own experiences… they will also interview guests, and authors and other known personalities… you can find us on most popular podcast feed sites and apps… tap the image to the left to navigate to our podcast home page. 

Our Team

We are very lucky to have such a great team of writers and contributors to this publication. Each provides content or work for the love of creating this publication.
Note… this section is under construction… please pardon our dust.  

Michael Love

Founder – Administrator

Christina Andring

Administrative Editor

Ellie Love


L.A. “Larry” Iversen


Marilyn Belle


Karen Tortora-Lee


Ellecia Paine


Kitty Chambliss


Nolan Lawless


Hermann Humbert


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