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If you've got some sweet Tattoo work, or some body art or modifications... this is your opportunity to show it off! We're looking for a few people to feature in our Body Art expose' we will share a few of your photos, and for some of you, a bit about what your art means to you.
Navigating the process of finding a counselor who will not only understand your Ethical Non-Monogamy lifestyle, but will incorporate it as a part of your healing process can be challenging. Nolan Lawless gives us some tips on finding the right counselor to meet your needs.
Here's your August 2020 issue of ENM Magazine! Loaded with great content written specifically for our Ethical Non-Monogamy communities.
Check out Ellie's latest installation of For the Love of Food where she shares with us a little of her Wednesday afternoon routine getting ready for her date night, and a delicious recipe too!
In a quiet little town in Holland, just across the border from Brussels… some magic is happening. Our Artist Spotlight feature artist, Bianca Arrrggh, lives with her daughter and two dogs. At 37 years old, and a single parent living in a small town, she doesn’t get to get out much, and that’s fine with her. “The club scene in the big city is huge, but it just isn’t my thing; I’d much rather hang out with my friends or go to a normal [smaller] party.” Usually she spends her weekends hanging out with her kid and her dogs, and occasionally drives up to the big city just 30 minutes away to hang with her friends.
Nolan Lawless tackles a difficult topic many of us are facing in these troubled times as we tackle politics, social justice issues, and even the Covid crisis… we are learning that some of our partners and friends have wildly different views to an extent where it is affecting compatibility.
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