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Our Magazine content is available in three forms, through our online blog, digitally on Kindle, as well as in limited print editions. 

ENM Magazine Blog

In an effort to be able to deliver more content we've moved the bulk majority of our blog content to Patreon. Don't worry most of it is still free to access... but you can also become a patron supporter to access our more mature content.

ENM Magazine on Kindle

Our online version of our magazine is now hosted through Kindle. It's free to view with your KindleUnlimited account, otherwise you can buy your own copy at $2.99 per issue. 

ENM Magazine in Print

As a small independent magazine our magazines are exclusively printed to order using only the best quality materials. You can get your own copy by visiting our online bookstore and browsing through current and past copies. 

Our latest ENM Talk Live Cast Show!

All good things must come to an end... sometimes we need to make space for something new....
Our bittersweet final issue of ENM Magazine… but also one of our best ever! We revisit […]
Ellie Love shows us how to make some fun and easy snacks that are sure to make you a hit at your Super Bowl party!
February is Polyamory month here at ENM Magazine! Meet our lovely polycule from the midwest who show us what being a Polyfamily is all about!
February is the month we celebrate the lovey side of ENM. Check out our annual polyamory issue for loads of fun content for people from ALL walks of ENM!
If you were a ENM Magazine Patreon VIP supporter... Among many other perks... you could see the rest of this set of photos.... Support our work, get yourself some perks, and double your chances of winning some cool swag from our sponsors!!!
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